1. avatar Fraft Fury
  2. avatar goatboy
    I think having "Secret" gigs can be a great idea.

    However, I think having "Secret" gigs when it's 3 local bands that hardly anyone has heard of is a stupid idea.
  3. avatar Fraft Fury
    I see your point. However I explained above why they are getting called "Secret Gigs" its just a gimmic name basically. Also you will never hear about any local bands unless ya go and support them to be honest.
  4. avatar JonnyTiernan
    Hold on, the lineup will be revealed in advance, and the location is already known. What's the secret part again?

    Just messing, I think it's great that you're putting on shows in a different venue. Where is Ma Nelsons?
  5. avatar sloppyjoe
    [quote:d55c7a0331]Where is Ma Nelsons?[/quote:d55c7a0331]
    That's a secret.
  6. avatar NumberBlack
    Lisburn road, on up from Ryans. Used to be called Deez.
  7. avatar anty2
    why not just withhold the lineup and try add a big band to it every week or so?
  8. avatar spirit of division
    That would be Hunters to us older folk.
  9. avatar Strong Reaction
    Pete, you were never out of Hunters as I recall.
  10. avatar T Entertainment
    You mean the Windsor?
  11. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Wasn't it Vaughns at some point too?
  12. avatar SONI Live
    It was Hill's for a while last year too.
  13. avatar rentaghost
    Surely you mean the Ashley
  14. avatar Bileofwood
    Ah, the Prolapsed Gazelle.
  15. avatar spirit of division
    [quote:fa96a11fc0="Strong Reaction"]Pete, you were never out of Hunters as I recall.[/quote:fa96a11fc0]

    Indeed. Lalting it up every night. With you.
  16. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    The Swan and Paedo?
  17. avatar Bileofwood
    Playing next Weds (19th May) at the Secret gig @ Ma Nelsons (otherwise known as the Salty Sockpocket) is:

    The Hubris
    Red Returned
    Blindly Ever Forward

    Free to get in, and if you stand close enough to the action I can pretty much guarantee you'll go home stinking of me.

    It's a medley of melodies, a sonic onslaught, it's three punk ass mofo bands dipping their salty ends into the pristine waters of studentside Belfast.

    Oh, and it's a secret. shhhhhh.
  18. avatar BinaryOperator
  19. avatar BinaryOperator
    This is what's on tonight folks!


    Come see some great local bands, and us too.