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    Common Grounds is delighted to have Bellwether State playing for us this Friday. After a couple of well-received gigs in the Nashville fastival, and a recent live session with BBC Radio Ulster's Gerry Anderson, BWS are stopping by for a small intimate cafe gig en route to some fantastic support slots and festival appearances later this year.

    Bellwether State are Cathal Magee and Karen Smyth, who are more commonly seen running around various venues trying to sort sound out for other bands. During the summer of 2008 they decided to get together to play some music and write some songs, and have been hiding away until they came up with something they both liked. They finally managed to get into the studio late 2009 and are pleased with some of the results so far. Hopefully you will be too.

    Stevie is an exceptionally talented guitarist. Having played guitar with many local bands and recorded and performed with a host of artists, he is currently working on his own unique style combining influences ranging from Hendrix, to Paco de Lucia and Jerry Donahue, to Pat Martino. This is only a vague notion of his unique stylistic perimeter.
    He's on a bit of a local tour at the minute playing new material, and we are delighted that he has been able to fit Common Grounds into his packed diary.


    Music starts at 8pm

    Donations to Oasis Village Trust, Zambia
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    Now with added Steven McKnight
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    This is tonight folks :)
    Stevie McKnight will be on at 8ish.
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    I'm looking forward to seeing Bellwether State for the first time!