1. avatar Paul 106
    I really need to make my acoustic into an electro acoustic by adding a pickup to it. Anyone know any good ones I should check out? Or a good make?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. avatar unplugged
    2 options.

    fit a preamp into it which invlolves routing the guitars side etc. a permanent fitted preamp and transducer but some dont like the idea of doing this. My Takamines both have Cooltube valve preamps fitted which sound remarkable although these are a factory fit.
    The LR Baggs ribbon undersaddle is a good option although it requires two small holes drilled.

    If its a modular non permanent pickup that goes into the soundhole there is only one option in my book:

    Fishman Rare Earth active humbucking soundhole pickup. Very good.
    Just avoid the Seymour Duncan Woody (Dean markley pro-mag is nothing special either)

    If you get it and wanna keep it in all the time id recommend drilling a small hole where the rear button is and installing a jack endpin socket. Easy done.
  3. avatar artyfufkin
  4. avatar SimonC
  5. avatar Recycled Alien
    Simon - how are the KnKs regarding feedback? Touchy about position vs. speakers or monitors or easy going?
  6. avatar SimonC
    Feedback can be a problem - although much of it depends on the type of guitar. I have had in installed in both a small parlour guitar and an XL jumbo - both of which have worked brilliantly. The only time I ever had a problem was actually when the guitar was on a stand whilst on stage and the DJ set it off! A simple Volume Pedal / EQ Pedal usually is suffice to sort any problems out.
    IMHO - the "risk" of feedback is far outweighed by the quality of sound you get from it and also "bang for buck" it's excellent.
  7. avatar remedy malahide
    "LR Baggs M1 is easy fitted and is an active soundhole pickup as opposed to a 'fizzy' undersaddle piezo. Not cheap though, but anything cheap is gonna sound cheap."

    Have one of these myself and I think its grand for the money. I've used it in the Empire, Crescent Arts (New Moon), Katys, Laverys Bunker, Pavillion and numerous other places and its generally sounded well. I tried to use this with a wee Behringer ULTRA-DI DI20 where possible.