1. avatar nobby23

    We have a booking in Pavilion's Middle Bar for Thursday 15th July 2010 and are looking 2 support bands. If you think you would be interested and have a style of music that would suit the night please email us [b:89a53499d2]info@lastrush.co.uk[/b:89a53499d2].


  2. avatar BlackJacks
    Bout yeee?
    we are the Black Jacks and would love to fill this brilliant space

    myspace - www.myspace.com/blackjacksni
    We are blues/rock/punk band from newcastle/downpatrick region consisting of 4 members
    2 guitars bass and drummers
    please let us know
    and of any future gigs in future?
  3. avatar astow
    hey man we would e interested in playing this gig. we have played there a few times and are playing again on the 11th may, we can bring a crowd with us etc

    heres our myspace www.myspace.com/redstarhorizons

    drop me an email

  4. avatar kieranx1
    hey were The MDA we would love to fill this space. had a listen to our stuff on facebook, are styles are similiar and we would be the perfect band to sort yous. check us out any way.
    the m.d.a's
  5. avatar clogan111
    I emailed you man
  6. avatar 666Arcane
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  7. avatar nobby23
    Thanks for all who got back to us, we have got the line-up sorted for the night, but thanks again for your replies.