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  2. avatar Pavel
    I'm well up for playing, but after last year's hilarious disarray at trying to put together a team would like to put myself forward as a player (let's call it a 'free agent') for anyone in need. I'm just game for a bit of fun. Love football, play a wil' lot of it when I get the chance.

    ...used to play for Brazil and what not, etc...

    I also own a copy of Championship Manager and a clean pair of football boots, with stabilizers and go faster stripes.

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    [quote:c430c19384="sketchy"]from all girls teams right through to more competitive[/quote:c430c19384]Excuse me? ;)
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    last years pics


    2008 pics

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    last chance to enter today, folks. if anyone wants to suggest 'managing' a team of fastfude posters that would be great.