1. avatar pstar
    My first post!
    Female singer/songwriter/guitarist based in belfast looking to start a band. Guitarist, bassist and drummer needed. Too many influences to list. Anyone interested let me know.
  2. avatar arjenswinkles
    hey we are looking a singer http://www.myspace.com/tied2machines
  3. avatar Uncle_Jnr
  4. avatar Darknessness
  5. avatar jjay
    hey lads been playing bass for 8 years. looking to get into a band as a bassist for awhile, was playin guitar and singing for a local band. influences are the likes of the fall of troy. gigged 12-13 times and have contacts. :) jjsuperj@msn.com get in touch if ya wanna jam :)

    jay x
  6. avatar punkvsmetal
    im a guitarist and im 19 and am looking a new band, have plenty of gigging experience and have been playing guitar for 6years, have plenty of contacts and am also a small promoter so could get you gigs.
    let me know if your intertested
  7. avatar DavySavage
    Hey there Pstar, we're currently seeking a vocalist. Drop by [url=www.myspace.com/thesmokingacesband]our myspace[/url] and if you think we could maybe work together get in touch.