1. avatar fletch_belfast
    I'm sure there are probably lots of people in this position: You sit at home recording your own music, maybe u've made a couple of 'albums', designed silly cover art for them etc., and then just put them in the corner. You don't have the balls/ability/motivation to start a band and perhaps make some dough playing your music for people.

    Just wondering if anything can actually be done with this music? Like, to profit from it in some way. For those of us that for any number of reasons aren't in a band.

    I'm about to start recording my third album (when I say album, I mean stuff I recorded via PodFarm with drums from a free drum program, guitar and bass, but no vocals), and I'm just at the stage where I'm wondering what the point of it all is. I'm going to go ahead and record it, because there are ideas in my head that I need to metaphorically shit out and get recorded, but once it's all done with, then what..? I just feel it's a waste to have like 3 twelve track albums sitting in a corner gathering dust.
  2. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Bandcamp. http://www.bandcamp.com
    To actually tell people about it, well, its a question I've posed before, but have not yet got a satisfactory answer.
  3. avatar stevieo
    Stand behind your recordings and stay active. When you create art share it with others. Take criticism on the chin and filter in what's constructive. If someone gives you a libelist review pray for him and hoard your misgivings until youre the boss. That is the secret of the Brown M&M.
  4. avatar JTM
    As stevieo says, get yer music out there, and let people hear it. That way people can give you feedback and you can get better.

    Hard work WILL be rewarded so get busy and get your stuff out there. Be resolute.