1. avatar blackdog
    Anyone know of any good acoustic simulation pedals for electric guitars? I was at a concert the other day and a guy was using one which actually sounded very nice. I know it doesn't compare to the real thing but it's kinda handy.
  2. avatar ryankozzi
    boss ac-2 is ok but go for a zoom 504. great for under 50 quid and it has patches to save shit in. can make electric sound like a 6 or 12 string acoustic - but remember its only a simulation. uselful for gigs but even then it sounds shite compared to an electro acoustic.

    another better option is a piezo saddle set or piezo bridge unit anthough these are costly. slash has a les paul like that for fall to pieces and it sounds pretty good. think its an X bridge or something by lr baggs maybe
    expect to pay 180+ for this minus fitting.
  3. avatar blackdog
    Nice one man, it's probably the saddle option I heard, I figured it sounded too sweet to be a sim.
  4. avatar MalekB-Sick
    Slash uses the fishman power bridge, maybe he has changed it for fall to pieces