1. avatar Gandalf
    new shop opening three weeks time ...lowden , martin ,taylor ,turner and loads of second hand gear....high street holywood watch this space.......neil
  2. avatar thesacredhearts
    excellent! i wont have to go into town every time i need something!
  3. avatar SimonC
    One (used to be decent) guitar shop closes ... and another (hopefully) decent one opens.
    The joys of business! Best of luck with this new venture.
  4. avatar duf Dm3
    Good Luck indeed, very hard place to run a business like that.
  5. avatar ThePenguin
    Yeah - all the best,

  6. avatar Adam MD
    Which guitar shop closed? Sorry but I haven't been in town in a while.
  7. avatar SimonC
    Word is that the Emporium has gone bust.
  8. avatar kerryboy
    Has it opened yet. If not, when is it due to open. Cheers
  9. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Delighted to hear you're back in business, sir.
  10. avatar Gandalf
    We are on the high street Holywood number 112 come and have a look lots of second hand guitars and new ones too.I used to own the guitar emporium when it had quality guitars .....this shop is not as big but the selection of guitars is bigger....mainly acoustic at the moment but hey,well get there. Neil.
  11. avatar Gandalf
    I havent been in the guitar emporium for three years,so the last while the emporium was nothing to do with me......come and say hello ....Neil
  12. avatar Gandalf
    We also buy guitars and pay sensible prices,and realistic valuations
  13. avatar Gandalf
    we are on face book...as a name...theguitarrooms holywood...add us please
  14. avatar The Stav
    The Guitar Emporium went way downhill after Neil left.

    I'd recommend to anyone who's serious about their gear to get over to his new joint in Holywood and check it out.

    I haven't been yet, but I can vouch that Neil is a top geezer and he knows his stuff.

    Good luck squire!
  15. avatar Gandalf
    thanks very much for the kind words ....call in and say hello..n
  16. avatar Chuffola
    Excellent that there's a new guitar shop... and not too far from me.

    What are your opening hours, by the way. Might call in on the way home from work if you're open.
  17. avatar Gandalf
    monday to saturday 10pm till 5pm....do you think we should stay open that extra hour for people comming home from work ? please let me know....Neil
  18. avatar SimonC
    Neil - What about staying open to 6 or 630 Thursday / Friday
  19. avatar remedy malahide
    [quote:7d0aa88f05="SimonC"]Neil - What about staying open to 6 or 630 Thursday / Friday[/quote:7d0aa88f05]
    That would actually be really cool for the weekend restring/gig session. I hate having to go into the town on my lunch and spend ages to get parked to only have enough time to buy a set of strings/new lead/plecs etc. before leaving. I know it can be done online earlier in the week but its nice to have the time to wander around after a purchase, eyeing the next big buy as well as supporting local business! Will check the shop out soon!
  20. avatar Chuffola
    Like Simon's idea. Doubt staying open until 6 would garner you much more business early in the week but, for example, I work in Belfast - can't get out to you and back at lunchtime and kids seem to take up most of my Saturday.

    A wee late night Thursday would be great - but only you can decide if its worth it.
  21. avatar Gandalf
    thanks for the feedback folks....some good points,maybe a late night would be sensible...I was thinking of closing one day during the week and the late night wouldnt be that much trouble,what do you think about closing one day a week...and which day should I close ....youre feed back is important to us....thanks Neil
  22. avatar SimonC
    Neil - Monday is always a good day to close. Having managed Wine and Co a few years ago - Monday was always very quiet around Holywood. Plus - after the weekend most folks are too worried about being back at work to think about buying gear..
    Just my 2p....
  23. avatar unplugged
    yes neil id second that. although alot of businesses choose tuesday as a closing day. hairdressers etc. as its also quiet. who knows.

    i will add the GE went to pot once neil went and that he was always decent to me in there and when working with alan in session. i got all my odds and ends in those places and also when session was the OLD session music and not that new PA/audio place they have going on. (whats that about)

    Good luck with new shop Neil! Must take a run down when im in that neck of the woods!
  24. avatar Gandalf
    thanks for the comments and sound advice,i will talk to vinty and take another look at the opening hours...thanks also for the private messages of support and good wishes.....its good to be back.
  25. avatar Sideswipe
    I'll surely be in Neil.
  26. avatar Gandalf
    good man see ya soon
  27. avatar garym
    My first post!
    Hello Neil, very best for the new store and looking forward to checking it out when i'm home in a couple of months. Gary