1. avatar Richard
    I have now reached the point were I have listened to every song on my ipod a hundred and one times and I need new music to listen too.

    Hit me with some artist names and their best album for me to purchase at my local HMV or indeed, a myspace link - new bands or established bands, I don't care :-)

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations for any groovy Swing or Big Band albums, that would be wonderful! ;-)

  2. avatar Strong Reaction
    Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot.
  3. avatar Aceley
    Ozzmium.. growly vox, high energy live, free download and on iTunes etc and new music video
  4. avatar Richard
    Just youtubed Cherry Poppin' Daddies - loved them!

    Keep the suggestions coming ;)
  5. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    The Brian Setzer Orchestra.
    The Atomic Fireballs.
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
    Royal Crown Revue.
  6. avatar tim_rooney
    For big band you have to have Count Basie - albums I'd recommend would be The Atomic Mr Basie and Ken Burns Jazz Count Basie.

    Duke Ellington is also a must- Ellington Uptown is great although he has got so many great albums to choose from.
  7. avatar Michael Lilley

    songs available on itunes
  8. avatar Richard
    All those swing bands are great! Thanks a bunch guys!
    Aceley - had a listen to Ozzmium, love it :D Chaos Is Fair is a tune :-)

    Anyone want to post more new bands from the local scene? Gotta support the local talent ;-)
  9. avatar Strong Reaction
    We've a free download at http://www.diecomply.com
  10. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
  11. avatar Alex-Circadian

    Balls to the wall, catchy, bluesy, punky, hard rock. (So I've been told!)

    Listen to all the tracks from our latest E.P "A Place Apart" right here:

    Also on Myface: http://www.myspace.com/circadianmetal
  12. avatar Richard
    Comply Or Die - I have one of your tunes on a compilation CD I picked up at Auntie Annies one night, good stuff ;-)
    Stand Up Guy - Great Music, and an impressive list of bands you've played support to!

    Can anyone recommend any good non-metal bands? :D
  13. avatar Millsy_Kobi

    Hard rocky type stuff, have a listen let us know what you think!!

  14. avatar Richard
    Kobi - I stumbled across your myspace page before a while back, I remember.
    I Like your tunes, some nice guitar work as well ;-)
  15. avatar Le Sac Magique
    field music and everything field music related, i'm sure it can be spotified.
  16. avatar spirit of division
    I have mostly been listening to Yip-Yip, The Continuous Battle Of Order, Botch, Songs Ohia and Minus The Bear...not in that order though.
  17. avatar Snipergoat
    King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  18. avatar InnerCitiesClaud
    My band: http://innercities.bandcamp.com

    free EP download.

    Have a listen if you have a couple of minutes :)
  19. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Oh, a pimp your band thread...let me get my link:

  20. avatar Strong Reaction
    Richard, what is the name of the CD you picked up and what track is it?

    Don't remember Comply Or Die being put on any compilations.
  21. avatar Richard
    My mistake, I got your CD along with a compilation CD from Lead Badger Records. Your CD cover is black with comply or die written in white?
  22. avatar Millsy_Kobi
    [quote:b6ad2e1cc0="Richard"]Kobi - I stumbled across your myspace page before a while back, I remember.
    I Like your tunes, some nice guitar work as well ;-)[/quote:b6ad2e1cc0]

    Cheers man, Ill pass your compliments on to our guitarist Stephen, we're playin the Pavillion on Thursday, the Rosie on Friday and Laverys Bunker on Sunday this week if you fancy hearin the tunes live!!
  23. avatar Strong Reaction
    Um, no. It has a skull on the front, single has red squares.
  24. avatar Richard
    Well I got the CD about a year ago now. I'm nearly 100% sure it said Comply or Die, in white, in a kind of typewriter font. I'll have to look out the CD cover again! But, my bad if I'm talking balls here :-)
  25. avatar spirit of division
    [quote:701c0f65e3="my-angel-rocks"]Oh, a pimp your band thread...let me get my link:


    I quite like this. Not the same vein but beat driven noise -

    Me and Hornby have also played a few noise / drone sets in the past and were thinking about doing some more stuff.
  26. avatar Captain Kennedy
    The Felice Brothers
    Old Crow Medicine Show
    The Avett Brothers
    Captain Kennedy......;)
  27. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:f73b89e407="spirit of division"][quote:f73b89e407="my-angel-rocks"]Oh, a pimp your band thread...let me get my link:


    I quite like this. Not the same vein but beat driven noise -

    Me and Hornby have also played a few noise / drone sets in the past and were thinking about doing some more stuff.[/quote:f73b89e407]

    Oh, thanks, happy that people like it.
    I've been working out how to do it live past while.
  28. avatar burnthecanvas
    Hey. The Lead Badger cd you are talking about was given out at a gig at Annies in January last year when they played with us and Before Machines. There is no Comply Or Die track on it. It was just a promo cd for some of the bands that worked with Lead Badger.
  29. avatar spirit of division
    Burn The Canvas are awesome.
  30. avatar Richard
    Strong Reaction - I found the Comply or Die CD I was on about. Black Cover, white writing with 'comply. or. die.' written in white, and the two songs on the CD are 'like a snake' and 'neagative two'

    I knew I had it somewere.

    P.S yeah Burn The Canvas are great, their guitarist (Travis) is the singer and guitarist of my band ;-)
  31. avatar Strong Reaction
    Ah ok, must have been a little promo for the album. Stick it on ebay, you might get n10p for it.
  32. avatar garrexial
  33. avatar Steven Dedalus
    On the subject of big band swing, I can reccomend Joe Jackson's "Jumpin' Jive".

    Despite looking like Uncle Fester if he'd melted in the sunlight, yer man Jackson can fairly swing.
  34. avatar Strong Reaction
    Louis Prima.
  35. avatar tim_rooney
    If you are looking for some contemporary Swing music you could check out David Lyttle (one ofthe best drummers about - anywhere). myspace/davidlyttlejazz and Mark McKnight (Ireland's jazz musician of the year).
  36. avatar secret teeth
    might not be your thing but a plug is still a plug nonetheless...


    those songs have since been mashed up and slightly mastered.

    more to come and hopefully some shows.

  37. avatar HorseFacePromotions
    heres a list of bands you should check out








    also a few others i cant remember the myspace links right now
    Dutch Schultz
    Third Harvest

    In terms of big band swing stuff, big bad voodoo daddy would be the only suggestion i would have, love their version of the coco bongo from the mask but the only local guy i would know of who does swing/big band stuff is a singsongwriter piano player called kevin brennan,

    check him out on mysapce at


    hope that helps a bit
  38. avatar Paul 106
    Kyuss, totally kyuss.
  39. avatar Devilspain
  40. avatar warcrux

  41. avatar Paul 106
    Dude, just found these guys - The Ventures, really good surf music! They did 'wipeout'! And the other songs are also totally awesome. Check them out man if youlike hat kind of summery music.

    Peace and love

  42. avatar GhostofBS
    here's a free copy of our album (The Last Minutes)[url=http://thelastminutes1.bandcamp.com/]LINK[/url]