1. avatar Lizard Queen
    Heres the dealio, my friends are running a gig in the tumbledown bar moneyglass, they have two bands booked to play but the bar has no pa system, they actually have no sound equipment at all as there are not very many gigs held there. Does anybody know of anybudy hiring pa systems, possibly soundmen as well to support 2 bands with all the usual shit, drums, 2 guitar amps, bass, couple of singers and a synth as well? Any info would be most helpful cheers.
  2. avatar Richard
    Find 'Flightstrip' on this forum - he'll sort you out.
  3. avatar Lizard Queen
    already been in contact with flightstrip, he might be booked that day, want to find info on anybody else just in case but cheers
  4. avatar Rosshunter
    Give Darrell at Komodo an email/call.
  5. avatar stevie j
    Give me a call on 07989178674

  6. avatar flightstrip
  7. avatar hostageparty
    Hey, I've got a decent PA if you're still looking and based in the Toomebridge area so its handy. Send me an email pete@hostageparty.com
  8. avatar flightstrip
    hey hostageparty maybe u could help out NorthCoastMASSIVE ,they need a PA and soundguy but im booked.Date is this friday 19th.give em a shout
  9. avatar Lizard Queen