1. avatar rockinman

    I'm just putting this out here to see if there is any intrest in this.I'm a drummer I have been playing for 9 odd years.I'm looking for musicans to help me form/join a 50s rock n roll/rockabilly band just a little heavier than its normaly played I would call it Elvis Metal.

    My main influances range from Eddie Cochran,Buddy Holly,Elvis,Johnny Cash,Stray Cats,Matchbox(Really everything from 50s rockin roll hits through to punkrock and heavymetal)

    I'm based in North Belfast and have full use of a practice/studio on a weekly basis.But i can travel a little also.

    So if you know anyone who you think would be intrested in this or you are intrested yourself give me a call or email me at enersha_316@hotmail.com / 07925639028.


  2. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    :( i'd be all over this in an instant! sadly though, i'm a drummer too.
    I can, however put you in touch with a bass slapper & a geetar man!:D

    i'll dig out their numbers for you....expect a p.m.
  3. avatar cassanova,baby!