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    influences include led zep, qotsa, foo fighters, acdc, audioslave, g'n'r etc etc etc

    need a very talented lead guitarist to complete the recently depleted line-up. (lost both guitarists at the end of the summer)
    recently our bass player switched to rhythm guitar and we found a very good new bassist. we now need and old fashioned classic rock lead guitarist.
    we have a kinda bluesy vibe so slide guitar would be good but not essential. as long as you can play!

    if your interested have a listen to some of our songs on here.........

    and gimme a shout back on blinkrocktheshow@hotmail.com (very old email address)
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  5. avatar shiniru
    hey, im interested, email me (msn aint workin atm) shiniru@hotmail.co.uk

    my inspiration is angus young, and i (if i say so myself) have a very similar style to him, i can send you a sample of me playing to sin city, doing an improv solo
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    if you wanna talk ring me tonite from about 7.45 - 9.30ish

    07597639105 so we can talk bout whatever we need to
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    bump bump. any1?
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    My first post!
    hi, how are you all doing? My name is Geordie i'm currently playing guitar in a two piece band (not costume! lol) infulences include AC/DC, Rory Gallagher Thin Lizzy, BB King, blusey stuff, MetallicA, intrested in original stuff as well, crackin voive as well, professional and own transport (people carrier)
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  12. avatar damageplanner
    yo mate am interested in gettin somethin goin

    am 20 in lisburn. own transport own gear.

    influenced heavily by john petrucci and paul gilbert.

    gimme a pm and ill drop u my number