1. avatar adi.feud
  2. avatar NumberBlack
    Your designs always look class.

    You posting the pre-orders out?
    Taking the payment through paypal?

    Or hows that working?
  3. avatar adi.feud
    cheers :)

    no payment needed to preorder one...we'll be taking names and sizes now and handling payments/deliveries once the shirts arrive

    either paypal and postage, or cash in hand are fine with us....whichever suits
  4. avatar NumberBlack

    Put me down for a large.
    My names Tim.
  5. avatar adi.feud
    no problemo :D
  6. avatar salfhal
  7. avatar adi.feud
  8. avatar adi.feud
  9. avatar adi.feud
    picking these bad boys up on friday :)
  10. avatar 666Arcane
    Gonna message rowan on facebook to be fair but I
  11. avatar 666Arcane
    (WITHOUT MAKING A FUCK UP ON TYPING WHILST DRUNK) want to make to place an order for an xl t-shirt.
  12. avatar 666Arcane
    jesus too much tesco cider