1. avatar robot_rock
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  2. avatar 10rapid
    when is it?
  3. avatar salfhal
    [quote:fe38e6fa10="10rapid"]when is it?[/quote:fe38e6fa10]

    Yerrr there's two dates for Dublin. (15th/16th December)
  4. avatar robot_rock
  5. avatar 10rapid
    are they seated?
  6. avatar robot_rock
    nah, standing.
  7. avatar cowboysupper
    My first post!
    Hey are those tickets still up for sale? I have one ticket and I am looking for one more mainly but I'm trying to get two mates interested. HOLD ON TO THEM IF THEY AREN'T ALREADY GONE!!!!

  8. avatar DaveT
    if u wanted to sell one of them to the dude above id take the other two.
  9. avatar cowboysupper
    That would suit me perfectly, I have pm'd him but am yet to hear any word back.