1. avatar The Ronster
    Right, Black Bear Saloon are shooting a music video this weekend. However, none of us have been able to rustle up a couple of required props.

    We need an old briefcase that we can destroy - if anyone has a broken one lying around that they don't need that would be great.

    Also, we need a big ol' fire-axe. Something like this:

    The point at the back of the head isn't necessary, but a red axe-head would be preferable - also if he body was red we'd be well pleased. No harm will come to the axe at all.

    Give me a shout at info 'at' theblackbearsaloon 'dot' com - these are pretty urgent, so the sooner we can track them down the better.
  2. avatar Aceley
    [quote:7dda439976="The Ronster"]No harm will come to the axe at all.[/quote:7dda439976]


    gd luck with the shoot