1. avatar SONI Live
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  2. avatar Deadlights
    Fucking rite!!

    We cannot wait for this gig!

    Kagura are good friends of ours and they are awesome, plus we're going to be playing 2 new songs.

    Shaping up to be a good night!
  3. avatar Deadlights
  4. avatar edwin mcfee
    I'll be at this myself to check out some new(ish) acts.

    Looking forward to it!
  5. avatar Deadlights
    Just incase any one is confused, we dont have a female vocalist anymore.

    So our front man is not a post op female.
  6. avatar Deadlights
    Stage Times:

    Deadlights 9:30 - 10pm

    No Mean City 10:15 - 10:45pm

    Farago 11:00 - 11:40pm

    Kagura 11:55 - late

    Please come!!!
  7. avatar jenniemcc
    sounds good!
  8. avatar SONI Live
    Yeh, sorry Deadlights - thought you were still working with the new front-lady......but the theme of the night is still pretty much intact!

    Anyway - anyone from Derry who fancies coming down to this - Farago and No Mean City are running a return bus on the night - so contact them though Myspace, or email me if you want to be put in touch.

    Links to both bands in our top friends - www.myspace.com/onesonimusic
  9. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Count me in. I'm pretty sure I'll be the drunkest person in the room on Friday.
  10. avatar kagura
    hurray for this sort of thing! :D
  11. avatar carriedavenport
    yup I'll be there too :) lookin forward to it!!
  12. avatar Deadlights
    This is our first gig since October because we spent most of November working on the new EP.

    SHould be a blinding night!

    Really looking forward to seeing No Mean City and Farago as I've never seen them before.

    And obviously Kagura speak for themselves really.

    If anyone hasnt seen Kagura live, you really are missing out. You owe it to your eyes and ears to come and see them.
  13. avatar Deadlights
    Tisk tisk, shameless self promotion :098:

    This is tonight!

    I know the weathers pretty shocking at the minute, but please come!!

    We will greatly appreciate anyone that ventures out into this arctic weather
  14. avatar Deadlights
    hey guys, i've just uploaded a wee taster of our soon to be released EP2. The track's called Nothing Left To Lose and was recorded a few weeks ago with Pete up at Blue Room Studio. Hope you all like, see you at the gig later!

  15. avatar kagura
    bring it on!!