1. avatar Baroness_84
    I know this is probably a long shot, but is there anyone out there that owns an Orange Tiny Terror and doesn't want it?? To be honest i can't really understand why anyone would be looking to sell one of these, cos pound for pound i think it's the best sounding thing out there at the minute. Sure, there are loads of bigger and more expensive amps out there but my budget doesnt really allow me to buy a vox AC30CCX2 and i thought i'd try my luck first, rather rather than forking out 300 quid for a brand new one.

    Anyone? :100:
  2. avatar Danny Lynch
    personally id by-pass this and go for an AC15, if you like the 30. i have one and absolutely love it, and had tried out a TT when i was looking at amps. I think Zuma on here is selling one, or was anyway.
    Just a thought...
  3. avatar Baroness_84
    I haven't actually tried the 15, but it's a good suggestion, i think i'll go and test drive one this weekend. Thanks dude. Unless someone offers a TT before hand taht is!!:D
  4. avatar bigguskeefus
    man the tiny terror is hard to beat or the ac15 they are near ur price range
  5. avatar Baroness_84
    [quote:959f42c353="Danny Lynch"]personally id by-pass this and go for an AC15, if you like the 30. i have one and absolutely love it, and had tried out a TT when i was looking at amps. I think Zuma on here is selling one, or was anyway.
    Just a thought...[/quote:959f42c353]
    Just looked, he's sold it! Is it the Wharfedale or the Celestion in yours?? How does it sound in comparison to the other?
  6. avatar SimonC
    Have to have a shout in here for the Fender Blues Junior. I tried a TT and whilst the sound is great - it's not exactly flexible, and in a way I found it to be a bit of a one trick pony. The Blues junior is a great shout ... i'd really recommend them for any style.
  7. avatar thecomeons_2
  8. avatar Danny Lynch
    Actually, as far as i know its neither. I bought the amp 2nd hand off here, and its one of the older models, from about 1995, when they were still made in the marshall factory in england, unlike the newer chineese ones. The speaker is a vox gold label which is good, but id still look to maybe upgrade it to a celestion blue before long. For an amp of its age its in great condition and sounds excellent... with a treble booster in front of it its nothing short of beautiful (big rory gallagher fan :D )
    Id agree with the blues jnr suggestion as well. Used one down recording with pete at blueroom and it was fantastic. Id go with either of these two before the TT unless youre hell bent on a head/cab set up, the TT seems to be pretty limited and in my experience doesnt have a chance compared to the fender and the vox.
  9. avatar Baroness_84
    Does anyone use these 15 watt amps for gigs and just mic them up?
  10. avatar chrisjedijane
    Yep, I've been using mine with a 2x12 for a couple of months now. Sold my Fender Blues Deluxe to buy it, and have been much happier ever since. Our other guitarist uses a 50W Engl, and I don't have any problems with volume.
  11. avatar SimonC
    I use a Fender Blues Deluxe mic'd with a Shure SM57 and it's perfect for my needs. I play with a relatively big hitting drummer and i've never had a problem.
  12. avatar Danny Lynch
    I have to say that even at practice I can hear it clearly and its not even cranked, i usually have both master and channel volume around 6-7/10 and this gives a slightly distorted tone that just nicly breaks up and when boosted by pedals is great. its perfect cuz you can crank it and get the valve distortion, rather than having 40odd watts and not being able to go past 2 or 3
  13. avatar tinpot anto
    Don't over look the Pro Junior too, raymies been using one for our last few gigs and it's more than capable volume wise.
  14. avatar Baroness_84
    Thanks alot guys!! Im gonna go now and do some homework into these amps, i think you've all played a part in broadening my sights as far as smal valve amps go. Thanks again dudes!!
  15. avatar JoeC
    You should check out the Vox Night train, does the same stuff as a Tiny Terror but with more Eq and an extra mode for more gain. I've got one and I love it, plenty of volume(giggable even on the 7.5watt mode) and it can do the classic vox 'sparkle' if that's what you're into.
  16. avatar zuma
    I'm using a Tiny Terror through a 2x12 and it's great. I had an AC15 for a short while but sold it as I preferred the TT

    I intend to get one of the Vox Heritage heads eventually... but that's a different story
  17. avatar Jameboat
    I'm currently playing a tiny terror through two 1x12 cabs and must say the tone is superior to anything ive played through before, though the lack of headroom is extremely frustrating. I've a boost in my effects chain and frankly i get bugger all out of it in comparison to being coupled with other amps, its a real dilemma for me at the moment.
  18. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    [quote:2a5413bdc8="Jameboat"]...the lack of headroom is extremely frustrating. ...its a real dilemma for me at the moment.[/quote:2a5413bdc8]

    i'm kinda curious about the TT - i looked at the schematic and it's a wee bit different to the 'norm' in that the 'gain' control actually controls two stages at once.
    But the master control is in a cool place (post-phase inverter)

    Also, there's no Neg Feedback loop to keep the gain under further control.
    If headroom is what you're after, the TT looks to be the wrong choice altogether, but you've known this for a while now;)

    Dunno if that makes sense to anyone, but if you're into the technical side, that's a glimpse of what the TT does.
  19. avatar Cugel
    The headroom issue is why I ended up selling my TT. It has one of the best overdrive tone out there, but I needed a sparkly clean as well. A great combination is the TT and an AC15CC. If I could have afforded it I would have kept the TT and bought a second amp for the cleans.
  20. avatar Danny Lynch
    Ive also just remembered that jon down in bairds was raving about these new amps he was getting in, egnators/egnater...not sure of spelling but google them, im pretty sure theres a lower wattage one in the rebel series he mentioned. The higher wattage and spec ones are said to be very mesa like but much more reasonably priced.
    good luck in your search. i wouldnt say myself that the vox does sparkly cleans, there is certainly a balance between channel volume and master that is nicely clean, but im not sure itd be loud enough to gig with. i usually have them both pretty high, then use a pedal or two to boost it.
  21. avatar leesub60
  22. avatar leesub60
    jeeze, the egnater 20w head is over 500 squibs!
  23. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    The Egnator Rebel 20 looks like a versatile piece of kit, no wonder the price.