1. avatar astow
    Can anyone please gives me some
    links or contact numbers so are band could get some gigs before Xmas and wht ones are easiest and best


    Were RsH (Red Star Horion) btw wer in the middle
    if recording are 1st album

    Cheers aidan
  2. avatar JTM
    Sorry, Aidan but you'll find that most promoters and venues won't have anything free before January now.

    AS far as contacts goes, trawl through this site and see which venue names pop up more than once. Then Google their phone numbers, ring em and ask em who books their gigs.

    Also, it helps, when you're a band, that you have something online that can be listened to, like some recordings on your Bebo or Myspace or something. Promoters tend not to book bands that don't have any material that they can listen to.
  3. avatar thecomeons_2
    i'm out of the loop, as it's over ten years since i last played out. there are two ways to find names and numbers for booking gigs. one is to phone the venues directly and ask for names of numbers of the person/people that book the gigs for them. the other is networking, don't rely solely on getting all the info you want from here - go to gigs, get chatting to other bands, etc. hand out demo tapes/discs to everybody. bands you bump into might book their own shows and want you to play with them
  4. avatar LolaDivine
    its not a difficult task to find out who does what and get their contact details. Think of a venue you would like to play and see which promoters run nights there. Its rare these days to find a promoter who will take your word that u r a decent band so you will need to show something. If you hold off until january there will be loads of promoters on here looking to fill in spots for the first few months of the new year. You really need to get your name out there in the next few weeks tho, backed up by a decent website and a few tunes/videos before they will take you seriously. Also it might help to search on here for local bands in the same genre and see who their previous gigs were with and roll from there.
  5. avatar astow
    Hey thanks for all your help.

    Were in the middle of recording are ep, were quite new to the giving experiance were hoping to get 1 sometime soon

    + we hve a myspace but it's under construction we need to record the songs 1st and do the page up a bit.

    Would any of you recommend a good way of getting great band photos??

    Cheers aidan
  6. avatar LolaDivine
    we got a friend to do it who had a pretty sweet camera and knows his way around photoshop, ask around a few friends of friends you might find someone willing to to it for free/beer. But if you wanna go professional i know that Carrie Davenport does pics- you will probably find her on here if you do a search.
  7. avatar astow
    Cheers man how much would it cost to get it done by a professional and wht do you get with it ??

    Cheers aidan
  8. avatar MarkAxisOf
    dont worry about getting a pro photo shoot my man! we've been going for like 2/3 years and still havnt got round too it. im sure you can find a crumby pic of yous somewhere.. then just wait for live shots!

    myspace is great for networking, get the songs up. email bands. ask your friends. email venues. so much easier than wasting phone credit in my opinion!
  9. avatar Deadlights
    Look for promoters advertising gigs on here, then send them a wee PM with your myspace and see if you can get on any of their shows.

    Always be friendly when approaching people.

    Be persistent, but not pushy.