1. avatar mblair
    Like the title says, 2 week old Nokia N97 - unbranded so it's running the latest firmware and its the 32gb version. Looking to trade it for an iPhone. Anyone?
  2. avatar Bileofwood
    I was thinking of getting one of these - is it any good? It's either this or the iPhone.

    But I can't be doing with the touchy screeny bullsy shitty.
  3. avatar mblair
    Personally I prefere the iPhone but I'm not a fan of physical keyboards - if you prefer them to touch screens the N97 might be for you if not then go for the iPhone. Another thing is you can't currently sync the N97 with a mac which is a big reason for me wanting to change it.
  4. avatar brassneck

    How much are you looking for it if you were selling,


  5. avatar mblair