1. avatar fullmetaljacket
    My first post!
    looking for drummer,bass player (who can sing) and a singer if bass player can't (lead guitarists need not apply).been playing confidently and competently for years (in other local bands)so hopefully starting a 3 (or 4)piece outfit playing mostly original material and some covers in the style of Zep,Sabbath,AC/DC,and other rock/blues styles.originating in the Co. Down area (Bangor) but looking for anyone able to travel there for rehearsals.gigs aren't a problem just getting a band together is.no age limit so if you feel up to it let me know asap
  2. avatar ominous
    hey just saw your ad there.Listen I'm a drummer i have been playing for 8 odd years now.Iv played in a few metal bands before.They kinda of music i like ranges from metallica,motorhead,misfist,johnny cash,elvis,Judas priest,rob zombie.

    If you want add me to msn addy is enersha_316@hotmail.com
    or give me a call on 07925639028


  3. avatar darkprince07
    You said no lead guitarists, but what about rythm?
    I play loads of AC/DC tunes....mostly the rythm. Would be interested in this venture AND, I live in Bangor also.

    I'm 24, been playing guitar for 5 years.