1. avatar mynameisdave
    LaFaro are pleased to announce that The Pogues have asked them to open proceedings for them this Wednesday at St Georges Market!

    So anyone who is heading down, please come over and say hello =]
  2. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Any idea what time Lafaro are on? I really don't wanna miss ya's...
  3. avatar mynameisdave
    Not sure yet - will post when I know =]
  4. avatar kobi
    Outstandin Lads - Should be a great night
  5. avatar gerry norman
    To honour this I'm gonna stick a few Lafaro tunes on the Skinny Love playlist for an afterparty. Dave will ya get Shane down to the menagerie??
  6. avatar the dirty weed
    he's a regular, sure...

  7. avatar gerry norman
    Ha. Priceless. Maybe he'll play a song or 2 during my DJ set. That's one thing I need on my musical cv alright 'occasionally DJ with Shane McGowan'.
  8. avatar bottleofsmoke
    I was in the menagerie that night, Shane was wasted but was still a gentleman & signed my 'Rum Sodomy & the lash' cd. I remember 'Janie Jones' by the Clash being played & the place exploding!

    Anyway sorry to harp on Lafaro ppl, but any idea when you're on yet? Gotta get as many non-flat normally priced pints in me first cos the boozer situation in St.G's is a fuckin joke.