1. avatar chuwy
    My first post!
  2. avatar comprachio
    was it Education or Retail?
  3. avatar chuwy
    My old MacBook had actually been playing up and after about 5 repairs the issue hadn't been solved, so the Apple Store just gave me a new one off the shelf!

    The Serial number for the laptop is W8943LWQ8PW.

    If you go to https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do?sn=W8943LWQ8PW it will tell you the warranty information for the macbook and how long it lasts. This can be extended if you like.
  4. avatar tim_rooney
  5. avatar comprachio
    Was only inquiring cos the education ones get an extended warranty and I have a friend interested in it.
  6. avatar chuwy
    You can purchase the extended warranty for this laptop to receive 3 years of service and support from Apple
  7. avatar tim_rooney
  8. avatar comprachio
  9. avatar j0j0
    ah that explains a lot! I thought I had magically been given the extended warranty for free and said nowt, thinking I was just really really lucky. I'm pretty sure my friend who was also a student bought one at the same time as me and paid extra for the extended warranty though.
  10. avatar comprachio
    aye, they don't tell you explicitly but it is in your paperwork.