1. avatar Nathaniel
    hey im a song writter and rhythm player from belfast. just finished a set on feile fm and iv got a gig or 2 in the pipeline
    what im looking for is a leadish guitar player/ backup singer who can add to the tunes i already have to hold a wee bit more
    presents on stage. im also looking for a keyboard player for the same reason. one, the other, or both would be great.

    pm me sure. cheers
  2. avatar rawksheep
    How many presents do you currently hold on stage yourself?
    Is it just because of xmas that there are going to be more presents that need held, or will the member be needed after the festivities?
  3. avatar Nathaniel
    aaa hahaha. that shows how much the festive season is getting to me lol. i obviously meant "presence" lol, didnt realise i was being marked on spelling punctuation and grammar. Jesus, fastfude aint as free thinking as i remember :P. Anyway, all wanking about aside, i still need musicians lol
  4. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    i'm 36, play guitar, tired of really loud stuff, where can i hear what you've done?

    if i'm too old, fine.
  5. avatar Nathaniel
  6. avatar Nathaniel