1. avatar papaul
    This might sound like an odd question, but has anyone ever heard of a course to be a drum/bass/guitar tech? Somewhere that would teach you how to set up a guitar, tune drums the right way etc.? I'm not actually looking to become a guitar/bass/drum tech, I just want to be taught by pros on how to do these things, not a believer in "just keep messing around til you figure it out". Don't mind if it's across the water.
  2. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    Last time i saw something like what you're looking for, advertised, i did some digging to find it was run by a dodgy guy. Basically, he was a band manager looking for free labour for his shitty bands.

    You can teach yourself a lot of technical stuff from books and forums, but some of the everyday, invaluable psychological and political stuff takes years to learn.

    You almost always just have to jump right in, learn on the job and work for free for some local act. Of course, some professionals will tell you that you are bringing the work into disrepute because you are working for free where some people's livelihood depends on it.

    i say 'whatever'; you gotta start somewhere.

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