1. avatar salfhal
    Thinking about hardtailing up my Jackson Performer... I know it's a fairly simple process and really only requires a block of wood, but are there any guitar techs on here that are lookin a few quid for a fairly simple service and hardtailing job?

    PM me on here if there is.

    (+ Randy Rhoads service)
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    If it was mine, then I'd have no worries about doing it myself. But I'd recommend a professional for the more timid.

    It is a modification I approve of though. If I had a pound for every gig I've seen ruined by a Floyd-Rose going wrong...

    ...I'd have three pounds. But you know what I mean.
  3. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    i hate floyd rose stuff, disabling one would feel like i was getting one up on Floyd. :054:
  4. avatar salfhal
    Anyone up for doing this? I've had enough of it. Getting rid of me other one and gonna get this hardtailed up and keep it. (because it's rather beautiful, infact there should be a guitar drooling topic)
  5. avatar continuousbattle

    Really simple way of doing it is just wrap a dead 9v battery in duct tape to fatten it up abit and jam it in the back there. Done.

    I once worked on a tour where the guitarist had one and said he didn't like it, five minute later, all sorted!

  6. avatar ryanego
    Second that^ Thats what I used to do with my old Ibanez
  7. avatar Valkaine Miki
    You're doing it the easy way... I'm in the process of turning an old yamaha pacifica into a floyd rose machine. I started it so long ago that i've forgotten why im doing it. But still, good hands-on fun.
    And yes, save feckin' up your guitar and just whack a 9 volt in her. Does the job fine.
  8. avatar scumbag
    do a youtube search, loadsa tips on how to do block off a floyd, they are horrible things and i dont know why anybody would want one. you can guess that i am not a trem lover .