1. avatar ilovelamp
    Working in a bar I hear the same songs being played every week at club nights.. obviously with a few exceptions, but by and large the same shite every single week.
    Is there any existing (or if not, a market for) a club night idea... not necessarily a club night but an event if you like... in ny local bars which only play local bands' music? I know on a tuesday night the guy in Katy Daly's has a good store of local stuff, but I mean a night which is devoted to local bands. Cuz I'd sure as hell want to listen to bands like the PKs, Good Fight, Pocket Promise, A Plastic Rose...to name but a few.. instead of this imported crap.
    Fair enuf, its the imported crap that drunks want to hear, but people need to be made aware of what has to be recognised as a pretty damn good local scene.
    Obviously youd have the problems of is there enough music locally to be able to do this and keep it varied from week to week...therefore, maybe even devote an hour or so every week at nights like SHAG and Sketchy and thon night in the bunker.
    And, secondly would anybody actually go? I think a good lot of people from here probably would frequent, and it could even turn into an effective networking tool. Bands would be encouraged by the fact that their music is being played at such nights and would probably come and maybe bring people down..
    yeah, that could be a load of bull... but i was bored at work last week and started pondering...
  2. avatar paperlanterns
    hell yeah thats a great idea! I know a whole bunch of people who would wanna head to that kina thing! It would be great motivation for lesser known local bands to work hard and potentially get their music to a wider audience!
  3. avatar ilovelamp
    shit... there was me thinkin i was gonna get laughed at.. cheers..
    whats really needed is people with influence to try to get it sorted out. If I'd any idea what i was doing id be more than happy to help out with promotion and such or even try to choose the songs (i will never refer to myself as a dj)
    it could potentially be good fun, a good experience, and yeah, any local band with decent enough recordings would have the added incentive of knowing that an event in belfast (or elsewhere) will play their songs. Not to negate anything done by ATL or Radio one intro.. cuz i think theyre great.. but this'd be a more kinda wide ranging thing maybe.. like not necessarily only top local bands would be played.. more unknown, or newly formed younger bands would get a look in. I dont know.. its all speculation really and somebody with common sense will probably comment pretty soon to explain either that its been done and has failed... or it hasnt got a hope in hell.
    theres also the odd local gig nights that play local bands inbetween sets.. i know 4live out in carrickfergus do a lot of that, which is great.
  4. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    would it be free? who'd pay the dj? a venue? why? i know literally no-one who'd go to something like this. there are plenty of nights which play decent tunes with a healthy dose of local produce thrown in - from no dancing to gigantic - but this works because they play a handful of really great tracks that don't sound remotely out of place. i really don't see a market for an "event" where people leave the house to go and listen to 'more unknown, or newly formed younger bands' - there are just so many other ways to do this, should someone wish to.

    apart from that, you've got local bands playing live somewhere in town almost every night. wouldn't your target audience rather be there? and as you say, somewhere like the bunker, you very often find the music between bands is home grown - the bands' friends' new recordings, or great local compilations.

    where something like this could work is at some of the events in oh yeah. might be worth getting in touch with them. good luck.

    p.s. atl don't only play 'top' bands. they've played my band loads of times. honk!
  5. avatar Desus
    We have a playlist that Radar that is entirely local music, you'll hear it most weeks before the bands and during changeovers.

    In terms of what you're suggesting it might work as one off events or once a month but there wouldn't be demand for it on a weekly level imho.

    The playlist wouldn't really vary enough.

    As for the likes of Sketchy or SHAG devoting an hour to local stuff? Why would they, they're under no obligation, they're there to facilitate their punters, and I'm sure they'd have fairly empty dancefloors if they tried.

    As Niall says you'll hear the odd local tune at the big nights, and its the best ones you'll hear as they deserve to stand side by side with the big tracks. On a personal level Two Door, General Fiasco and Panama Kings are staples of a Monday and Thursday night in the Union when I DJ, and I think Deci plays those in the Mandela too.