1. avatar cyber_waster06
    Guitarist from BELFAST, aged 22, looking for musicians to take over the world...only jokin. Hard rock, metal; Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Guns n Roses, Faith No More, Alter Bridge, Van Halen, Metallica. Looking for an early 90s throwback (grunge), but with some metal, heavy sound, with some blistering guitar solos. Hard rock with a little more edge and some catchy rythyms and prog rock influence. Looking for very good musicians, drummer, bassist, another rythym/lead guitarist (as well as myself), and a voice like Chris Cornell or Eddie Vedder, or Bon Jovi or some shit. Just some vocalist who can hit notes like a mofo without cracking...someone who can SING.

    I listen and am influenced by, a shit loada artists and genres. Tech metal (meshuggah, sikth), Opeth, nevermore, lamb of god, Pantera, deftones, Korn, allan holdsworth/U.K., as well as the bands listed above. ecclectic yet slightly generalised mix. but im just looking for a hard rock/metal band because theres nothing else in around these parts that goes for the latter bands I listed. Plus Hard rock/metal seems a little bit more of an easier route for me. But to do this I would want it to be a very talented band of musicians who can play this hard rock stuff. Its not rocket science to write this stuff and play it, but to write GOOD stuff and for it to sound good IS a task.

    if youre interested, PM me here.
    thank you for your time.
    I really hope to have some good musicians try this out with me.
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  2. avatar Lunar

    We play some mellow songs and some pretty heavy songs, if you're interested get in touch dude.


  3. avatar Chris91
    hey man, thats really up my street :). Me and my friend Pete are looking to start a kinda grunge/alt rock band, with pretty much the same influences that you have listed, in particular focusing on the grungey bands like Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc. Im a vocalist, and Pete plays guitar, if you are interested, contact Pete or myself. Petes msn - gilchristgbj@live.co.uk
    myself - chrisjames91@hotmail.com
    thanks :D
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  5. avatar cyber_waster06
  6. avatar doggod202003
    hey, do you have a phone number. we are looking for someone who fits your description
  7. avatar doggod202003
    hey, do you have a phone number. we are looking for someone who fits your description
  8. avatar kosmo
    Here john you're fcuked cause he's looking for someone who CAN sing lmao, only messing dude ;)