1. avatar Lunar
    We are a new band called 'Maybe We Are Ghosts' we need a lead guitarist to finish the line-up and who could also could be ready to gig in 3 weeks. All original material, though we may have to play a few covers to fill the set up a bit.

    Influences include Muse, Yellowcard, Brand New, Paramore, Fact, The Cure, Biffy Clyro, Inme, The Hiatus, 30 Seconds to Mars.

    My previous band, we still play the song called 'The Better Place'.

    We are hoping to have 2 practices a week to ensure we are ready for gigging so please, if there is any guitarists out there get in touch with me ASAP.

    msn; mysticalfairyhead@hotmail.com
    number; 07926235048


  2. avatar Lunar
    Bump, we have a gig tomorrow which we have a temporary lead guitarist for. If another guitarist is interested feel free to come along to the gig. It's in the shadow rooms, carrick.

    I'm looking for a guitarist I can jam with and come up with new material with, hopefully have 2 jams a week, one with the band and one just me and the guitarist (whoever that may be) to come up with new riffs and song ideas.
  3. avatar Taaffetastic
    Sounds good, im a guitarist, been playing for 6 years, have gigging exp and studio exp. writing my own stuff atm. Just curious as to why youd want to jam without the whole band there though?
  4. avatar Lunar
    The reason I want to is so we can come up with new riffs/melody lines and think of new ideas for songs, then when we go to the practice room we have something to work on.