1. avatar SITH_creations
    I know this is a major long shot, but it's worth tryin.

    Last night at the Kaspa Rosa/ This is our Monumnet/ Burn the Canvas show at RADAR last night 26/11/09, my leather jacket was stolen, and in it was my 80gb ipod.

    We were sitting at the table directly infront of the merch stall just on your right as you would come in, and just as you would turn around the drape to view the stage.

    The jacket was taken to the male toilets and left behind (it was later returned to the front desk - minus my Ipod) thankfully I got the jacket but the 3years of tunes and personal info on the pod are gone.

    If anyone saw a person lift the jacket (shown below, though last night it had a creme hoodie inside it) from the stool at the table or saw them carrying it to the toilets, please could you get in touch.

    I'm shocked that this could happen with so many of my mates around, and the short space of time the jacket was left unattended by me.

    Please if anyone could help it would be great.

    Here's the jacket for reference (excuse the silly pose)

  2. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Fuck, Currie, I hope you find the rat-bastard who did this.
  3. avatar remaderyan
    Sorry to hear this.

    Some people are scum. Where did you get the jacket? its cool as.. I'd love one like it
  4. avatar SITH_creations
  5. avatar danbastard
    Shit one Currie, hope you get it back. Have a jook in Cash Converters next time you're in town, if it's there and you can prove its yours you should be able to get it back no sweat. Maybe there's CCTV in the Union?
  6. avatar comprachio
    Dunno how much CCTV is in the speakeasy and as they didn't take the coat and there were about 1200 people in the building its gonna be near impossible to see them on the CCTV in the foyer/front:(

    Here's a way of finding out your serial number if you don't have it; http://stolenipod.com/archives/19
  7. avatar SITH_creations
    cheers folks, yeah got my serial number from itunes the other night, have contacted the police about it, and have left my details with cash converters in town, and newtownards rd.

    so fingers crossed, but it's unlikely.
  8. avatar remaderyan
    Might want to keep an eye on gumtree too there are a load of musical items/ipods on there...
  9. avatar RM
    Hi there,
    Can you PM me roughly what time this happened ?
  10. avatar huggy baps
    Check Smithfield as well..