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    does it have an effect switch foor pedal thingy? and does it have distortion, thx il have money around christmas time if you still have it , my contact is gilchristbgj@live.co.uk id like to buy
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    [quote:d382ad0b8e="museician"]does it have an effect switch foor pedal thingy? [/quote:d382ad0b8e]

    [quote:d382ad0b8e="seller"]original footswitch included[/quote:d382ad0b8e]

    [quote:d382ad0b8e="museician"]and does it have distortion[/quote:d382ad0b8e]
    Yes, the MD100DFX has an overdrive channel (and crunch button), pretty sure it has a load of other effects too (delay etc) much like my Valvestate.
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    Yeah, it has a footswitch for switching channels and activating whatever effect you select.
    Its all in the specs above.
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    My mate would gladly take this, he's on these boards.

    His name is: Flightstrip

    Look him up and tell him Chris sent you.
    He's looking a Marshall 100w amp at the moment.
    A bit cash strapped but he'd take it off you quickly at such an incredible price.

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    Hi, is this still on the market?
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    Open to offers on this!!:105:
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    hi m8,i did speak to u re;amp and u pointed out it was needing a wee bit of soldering or something which was decent of you for not wasting my time.i would maybe update your inital post to reflect that this great amp needs a look at.thanks for being honest.im still looking a combo amp and guitar.pm me fuders if u got wot i need.:035:
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    TBH Its not really a problem, as im sure not alot of giggers would be fiddling with the volume on the clean channel while gigging, its still 100% responsive, just crackles a bit when the dial is moved.
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    She's l(b)ump.....
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    My first post!
    Would £100 be reasonable...? This isn't a solid offer or anything, it depends on where you're based cos I dont have time/facilities to travel long distances to collect!! I'm in Donegal btw.
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    Sorry mate. Sold an age ago.