1. avatar hazerockon
    Hi everyone.

    One member of the "Star Spangled Badgers" here.

    We're a new funk rock band, and want to start gigging asap. Especially over the Christmas period.

    Here's a link to one of our songs (just something we recorded while practising):


    We're all mainly in our mid-twenties, so we're not messing around.

    My mobile number is 07980346414
    Email: hazerockon@hotmail.com



    PS: We all have plenty of experience from previous bands etc. Played Empire, Auntie Annies, Laverys, Menagerie, Front Page, Dundee.....
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  2. avatar tinpot anto
    Band Name of the Year goes to:
    Star Spangled Badgers
    Love it!
  3. avatar hazerockon
    lol. Thanks man. It's all about the funk ;)
  4. avatar deadpresidents
    Hey we would be up for helping organising a gig with use, we're of a somewhat similar sound

    where are use based
  5. avatar hazerockon
    Cool. We're based in Belfast. Give me a ring later on tonight or sure email me
  6. avatar hazerockon
    Want to keep this thread alive as we really want gigs.

    Come on! Who want's to play????

    PS - Dead Presidents - phone me