1. avatar palrub
    monday 30th nov

    need rehearsal in belfast
    we have a regular slot but pending gig requires extra tweeking and block bookings in current place mean it's not feasible to do a sunday and monday.

    we require a 6pm+ slot please

    again, anywhere central would be ideal. we also need to cater for 4 vocalists, 2 guitars, bass, drums and keys [direct into p.a.]

    any suggestions and rates??

  2. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Maybe my main man [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=37391]Vic [/url]will be able to help you out. :-)
  3. avatar kingstreetarts
    I have a rehearsal space in the city centre ( across from the new Ibis hotel on Castle St).
    It is free Monday night 6-9pm.
    There are two guitar amps, one bass amp and a keyboard amp, as well as a drum kit and PA with two mics.

    If this suits give me a ring on 07795 115132 or email sophie@kingstreetarts.com

    You can also get more info on www.kingstreetarts.com

    Hope this helps.

  4. avatar ThisCharmingMan

    Yo jamesyboy
    Give rory a ring, his rehearsal room in the blackstaff is top drawer.

    Hope this helps
  5. avatar russell
    Give me a call, I may be able to squeeze you in :) 07880882802

  6. avatar penthouserehersal
    call penthouse reharsal rooms and we'll work you out a deal 07513739262