1. avatar Chi-Lite
    ...of November.

    this Friday, in the Black Box, a special charity fundraising event will be held in the Black Box in aid of

    [url=http://www.childrenincrossfire.org]Children in Crossfire[/url],

    an excellent charity with the aim of supporting children caught up in poverty and violence.

    [i:3ff2d76378]"Children in Crossfire exists to make a significant and lasting contribution towards the eradication of poverty. We do this not alone, but by working in a vibrant web of collaborating agencies, each of us contributing something valuable and unique towards our shared vision for a better world.
    Children in Crossfire supports local initiatives that improve the daily lives for people living in some of the world's poorest communities - for instance, greater income-earning opportunities, improved health facilities, or clean water supplies. At the heart of our commitment to tackle poverty is the belief that it is within local communities that the most effective and sustainable development initiatives are to be found. Strengthening the ability of these communities to establish and sustain development initiatives is a central theme in all our work. The work that is presented throughout this website represents the results of the commitment of all those who have joined us in our work.
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our funding partners, our partner organisations, our Associate Members, our employees, and our volunteers."[/i:3ff2d76378]

    The event will include good music, with the [url=http://www.myspace.com/thevalsmyspace]Vals[/url], [url=http://www.myspace.com/rainbowcorner]Rainbow Corner[/url] and [url=http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=9755251277]Ironhead[/url] (yes, [i:3ff2d76378]Ironhead[/i:3ff2d76378]), possibily a wee bit of grub, and, best of all, the chance to get involved!

    Come down and show your support for the kids.

    Friday 27 November - Black Box - 8pm-11.30 pm

    and then we'll all go for a wee swal and a dance after.

    Do it for the kids
  2. avatar pauldoherty
    This will be class, our new one man brass section Jeremy will be playing playing his first gig in Belfast with us.
    Rubber Soul :-)
  3. avatar Deestroyer
    Good luck for this lads. However, I think Ironhead are expecting a New Zealand Indie Punk band to headline...

    From Ironhead's bebo page: "Gig at the Black Box 27th November 7:30pm. We'll be supporting [b:da2f2f5bc5]The Valves[/b:da2f2f5bc5] and Rainbow Corner."
  4. avatar Chi-Lite
    Hahaha, i noticed that myself. Leave them alone, they're only young (i think):lol:
  5. avatar pauldoherty
    Sure we'll try our best for them;)
  6. avatar Chi-Lite
    There will also be spot prizes at this.

    As if anybody would take a prize from the mouths of hungry kids. we expect the prizes to be given back, then used in a raffle, then given back and used again. it's all for the kids folks.
  7. avatar pauldoherty
    Away and raffle yourself Marty will ye :-)
    Nah serious though, we'll be sticking a vinyl copy of the album into the raffle tomorrow and there will eb loads more stuff to be won.