1. avatar Strong Reaction
    Anyone know a website for any stores in the country or mainland that specialise is good second hand bass guitars? I'm mainly looking for 70's/80's Japanese makes, preferably from Matsumoku Factory (old Ibanez/Aria/Kawai/Westone etc), or even just good quality second-hand gear.

  2. avatar wannabeflea
    The For Sale forums on basschat.co.uk is the best I've found. Ebay always has a load of Jap stuff if you've the balls for it.
  3. avatar thesacredhearts
    Dont know about locally, but there is certainly a steady trade in westone basses on ebay. they're cheap enough that shipping doesnt really become that much of an annoyance.

    As for the rest, i think theres a guy based here that does fareastguitars. theres a website out there.
  4. avatar Glenn Boy

    this site might be of some use to you
  5. avatar Strong Reaction
    Cheers for that link, though there's only a few Fenders listed.

    I think ebay is my best bet, just a bit wary of buying guitars off an auction site.
  6. avatar thesacredhearts
    theres a westone collectors forum if you have a wee search. have the odd thing that comes up for sale there.
  7. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:d734169a45="Strong Reaction"]I think ebay is my best bet, just a bit wary of buying guitars off an auction site.[/quote:d734169a45]This guy -- [url]http://shop.ebay.co.uk/chingo123/m.html[/url] -- has been around for a while, with lots of good feedback.

    The prices aren't so good now with the current state of the Pound. I wish I'd bought something a year ago. I still might. I'd really like one of the through-neck Matsumoku basses.
  8. avatar Strong Reaction
    Thanks. Some nice ones there, but see what you mean about the pound.
  9. avatar booyou
    My first post!
    Have you try'd,beat it music shop outside Dundalk.
    They have alot of second hand equipment.
    I got a gibson and other bits off them.
    They open sundays to which is handy.
  10. avatar Strong Reaction
    Yeah, looked at Beat It's site. Great shop, but they only seem to have Fender/Gibson/Rickenbacker basses.
  11. avatar booyou
    Sorry about that.I have'nt been up in the shop in a while,so im not sure what they have in stock,but just on the off chance it might be worth giving them a call,i'm not saying they have what you want,but i know they dont list everything on the site.

    Take it easy.