1. avatar Insect

    Have a listen to my band if you like.


    Feedback/insults welcome.

  2. avatar The Ronster
    Sounding really good Graeme!
  3. avatar Insect
    Thank you.
  4. avatar comprachio
    great stuff. defo hear a deathcab thing going on. Is it homerecorded?
  5. avatar Insect
    Pretty much, we had good mics and great amps that didn't belong to us. It was recorded using a Focusrite Saffire Pro into Cubase by some guy who considers it more of a hobby than a profession. It still needs to be mixed and all that but can't afford it right now.

    Glad you like the songs.
  6. avatar comprachio
    check yo pms!
  7. avatar The Ronster
    Wish I had a Saffire Pro...

    Looking forward to hearing the tracks mixed better.
  8. avatar NaomiS
    Very pleasantly surprised! listening on my headphones now. Was this recorded Live also!?
  9. avatar Insect
    yeah, everything apart from the vocals and lead guitar parts at the end of we lie and bad things on my own was done live.