1. avatar ericno7
    Anybody have any idea where you could hire a JCM 2000 head from, for a night ?
  2. avatar Danny Lynch
    pretty sure bairds have a marshall head to rent, its a damn good one, but i cant remember exactly which model.
    other than that maybe guitar emp?
  3. avatar ericno7
    Thanks Danny,
    Guitar Emporium don't hire stuff, I was in there on Saturday and Bairds don't have a JCM 2000 head, they only have an "artist" and I haven't a clue what that is.
  4. avatar DavidHill
    Check out...

    "Dougie's Sound and lights" He does sound for Payola and he definitely has a 50watt JCM2000 and a TSL

    07798827484 or 07732714064
  5. avatar ericno7
    Hey David,
    thanks for that number.
    I know Dougie well and I've been trying to get his number all week.
  6. avatar thecomeons_2
    isn't the artist a solidstate of combination of solidstate and valve technologies? not a traditional marshall sound.
  7. avatar ericno7
    Thanks to Steve and Big Gus for the private messages.
    I think I'm sorted now,
  8. avatar museician
    bairds? theres a music shop with my name? where is it?