1. avatar Danny Lynch
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  2. avatar guitarlover
    trade u a boss metal zone 4 the wah
  3. avatar Danny Lynch
    no thanks man
  4. avatar mblair
  5. avatar Danny Lynch
  6. avatar thedevilsreject
    I wouldnt mind the wah. Where about are you from?
  7. avatar Danny Lynch
    hi man, im based in belfast, around queens and up the antrim road.
    One thing about the wah, since posting ive realised theres a slight problem with it, but im pretty sure its easily fixed. when you press down to turn it on, it doesnt always come on, its only a case of sorting out the switch so ill have a look at it and get back to you.
  8. avatar salfhal
    For your pics - upload to - http://imageshack.us/

    Copy the direct URL and paste it in between these [*img][*/img] (remove *s)
  9. avatar Danny Lynch
  10. avatar Danny Lynch
  11. avatar likwidboy
    interested in the v amp, somebody else on the forum selling vamp2 for 35....
  12. avatar Danny Lynch
  13. avatar Fuzz89
    For tradeskis I got...

    Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff?
    Electro Harmonix Double Muff OD?
    Electro Harmonix Doctor Q Envelope Filter (original 90's reissue rather than nano.)
    Danelectro Daddy O Overdrive.

    All in fantastic condition and boxed (except Big Muff)
  14. avatar Danny Lynch
    what would you be looking off me in return? not sure if id be interested in any of those pedals, possibly one of the muffs, but depends what it is youre looking...