1. avatar deadonmusic
  2. avatar deadonmusic
    Unfortunately Captain Kennedy have had to pull out of this show. They're working damn hard in the studio at the minute though so it's all good. We'll be announcing another superb addition to the bill a little later in the weekend.
  3. avatar LolaDivine
    Goddamn, thats unfortunate - but still a great line-up, and still gonna be one to remember. Get involved.
  4. avatar deadonmusic
    Katie & The Carnival will be doing some inter-band cabaret and tunes.

    Have a listen on Myspace:

    and while you're at it have a listen to everyone else too




    The guys from Gigging NI will be coming down to shoot some footage so make sure your hair's all done up nice!
  5. avatar deadonmusic
    One week to go before the gig and we've updated the site to offer you some free MP3's.

    Happy Christmas!

  6. avatar deadonmusic
    First band on early... around 8:30.

    Some brand new Christmas tunes from Katie Richardson as well.

    and maybe a snowball fight outside afterwards if it gets cold enough!