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    Drummer needed for rock n roll band. Influences: Rolling Stones, Jane's Addiction, Aerosmith, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin. But also influenced by The New York Dolls, The Wildhearts, The Cramps, The Flamin Groovies, The Birthday Party, The Minutemen. Loads of other influences but open to songwriting ideas and creativity. Age not an issue as we're not interested in your age, only if you can play. Email me at pbm2007@hotmail.co.uk or send me a pm. Cheers.
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    Yo dude just a bit of advice; we've been looking for a drummer for the past while, FastFude returned a few interested people, as did MetalIreland, but by far the most was just through asking people in the scene/mates etc to keep their ear out... I definately mention to any drummers I know.

    (there's a dude on here, Gavin E, into the heavier side of things, wasn't quite the one for us but might as well give him a shout)
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    Cheers mate, I know what you mean though. Drummers are pretty hard to find. Hopefully we'll get someone interested soon. But thanks for your advice
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    have you guys got any tunes ??
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    We haven't got any online yet. I only started playing bass with the other guys a month ago. Just looking to get people up for a practice, then see what they think. If you're interested, pm me or email. I can give you more answers. But we're all pretty open minded.
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    Hey chris here ... i am a drummer been playing for 9 years ... i am 18 .. from larne but getting up to belfast is no worrys .. i have all my own gear ...i am very comitted to any thing i do ...... i am never late also Have previous experience live and in studio. ... some of my influences Are Gunsnroses/Ozzy/Queen/ac/dc/the 69 eyes/Type O Negative /Motley crue Twisted sister Simple minds Billy idol Pod Static-X Qotsa ..... heres my number 07591127895
    Reguards CHris ....
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