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    Bandwidth has launched a mix tape series of the best Northern Irish music! There will be one mix every holiday, curated by a guest musician/music boffin. This month's tape is curated by Tristan Crowe from NI Chart.

    The mix is free to download online and there'll be free souvenir cassette tapes laying around some of the participating 'In Stores Now' stores..

    Get it here:

    and here

    Side 1

    THE BONNEVILLES - Hardtale Lurgan Blues
    ROBYN G SHIELS - Tender Is The Night
    THE BENJAMINS - Bite Your Lip
    CAT MALOJIAN - Dely Delee Delo
    TEAM HORSE - Bones

    Side 2

    THREE TALES - The Silent Valley
    AXIS OF - Brobdingnagian
    KASPER ROSA - Adios Kansas
    TEAM FRESH - Last Orders