1. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    Okay, so im looking to get into djing, and none of this crappy laptop fake crap :)
    vinyl djing.
    im getting some lessons from sonic academy from the parents for xmas, and i was wondering, if i like it, any reccomendations as to what i should get in respect to turntables and a mixer? preferably keeping the price around 250/300 pounds please? thank you :)
  2. avatar thesacredhearts
    2 X technics 1210's
    As good a mixer as you can afford, with an absolute minimum of 2 channels.

    second hand is your best bet.

    dont see the problem with laptop dj'ing though, its all spinning discs at the end of the day.
  3. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    Are technics 1210's not wile expensive?
  4. avatar thesacredhearts
    only if you buy them new. you can get a set for 200 quid in good condition 2nd hand. Other, or rather cheaper decks, in particular belt drives are a false commodity imo. you want direct drive decks tbh.
  5. avatar thesacredhearts

    mixer is a pile of crap though, but does to get started with.
  6. avatar comprachio
    Don't buy anything til you get down to sonic. There you will have a chance to use different equipment (including laptops if you wish) and see what suits you.

    Invariably, most DJs these days using vinyl(including a lot of guys that work in sonic) are using a laptop with serato/traktor on it so I wouldn't be so dismissive of that.
  7. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    thanks :) my friend has a set of technics 14-something or others and a technics mixer he says he'll sell to me for 550 quid, but its a lot of money to spend to get started i think, and i was more dismissing using virtual dj, not using a laptop as well as vinyl. ive heard about traktor, and it seems like quite a good wee program :)
    thanks for all your help guys, and if i am going to buy cheaper decks to get started, i should definately go for direct drive?
  8. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    and could someone please tell me about the gumtree link? im in study in school and cant get on it? thanks :)
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  9. avatar thesacredhearts
    imo yes. 2nd hand technics are good value, and are the industry standard. if you start playing out they will generally be what a venue has, and you'll be more comfortable with them. but as comprachio says, you'll be able to try lots of stuff at sonic.

    i use traktor and a midi controller myself and its great (despite Native instruments not supporting traktor 3 on snow leopard)

    Edit: gumtree link is 2 technic 1210's and a behringer djx700 mixer for 350 squid.
  10. avatar tenrabbits
    Just get a laptop, stick iTunes on it with a playlist, then gurn a bit between tracks onstage. Job done.
  11. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    thanks guys, youve been a great help, i think im just going to wait til i get to sonic academy, try their stuff, and if im sure i wanna use it ill just save up and get the technics stuff my friend has for sale. thank you :)
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  16. avatar PeteLovesToBoogie
    thanks man, but i reckon im gonna go to sonic academy and get my lessons first, before buying anything, if you still have them afterwards i might be interested, so ill maybe pm you in like january or something :)
    thanks man
  17. avatar darkprince07
    Nay problem. Good luck with the lessons.