1. avatar ssmcmullan
  2. avatar exportsimsie
    Woohoo! Bring it, baby!
  3. avatar dolphin bombers
    murderburgers amazing name brilliant well seen their from glasgow lol amazing
  4. avatar LeapForLenin
    I heard Simsie was regrowing his beard for this.
    Long live the Numskull!
  5. avatar Strong Reaction
    ah, balls to mid-week gigs. frickin' Translinks.
  6. avatar danbastard
    Make it happen Pearce!
  7. avatar Strong Reaction
    I shall indeed try. Even if it may mean an over-priced taxi ride.
  8. avatar ssmcmullan
    And by try you of course mean spend your taxi money on booze and walk home. At least that's what I hope you mean.
  9. avatar Bones
    Wish i could go to this, love numskull but ill be busy wanking over Prop in Dublin. Good luck. It's ring- ing- ing- ing.
  10. avatar nonlogic liam
    Darn, I'm working til 9.30.
  11. avatar Strong Reaction
    So you'll be there at 10?
  12. avatar nonlogic liam
    Yes, but [i:bd0b80cfdf]Curb your enthusiasm[/i:bd0b80cfdf], [i:bd0b80cfdf]A history of Christianity[/i:bd0b80cfdf] and Alan Marr's [i:bd0b80cfdf]A history of Modern Britain[/i:bd0b80cfdf] are all on after 10.00. Is there a web-cam?
  13. avatar Strong Reaction
    Yes, there is a wab-cam. And the internet.
  14. avatar goatboy
  15. avatar Strong Reaction
    wannan murderburgo?
  16. avatar goatboy
  17. avatar Andrew

  18. avatar danbastard
  19. avatar exportsimsie
    Fuck yeah. Been havin a lotta fun gettin back together with Numskull. Tomorrow night is gonna be great!!
  20. avatar himynameissween
    this be tonight, just to let the usual 2 people who attend these things know. :P

    can't wait!
  21. avatar ssmcmullan
    Snitch pulled out so stage times are:
    Doors 9.00

    LTR | 9.45 - 10.15

    Numskull | 10.30 - 11.00

    The Murderburgers | 11.15 -
  22. avatar T Entertainment
    I heard that there will be a chance to buy signed copies of 'Weasels in a Box' at this showcase event, anyone able to confirm that?
  23. avatar Strong Reaction
    Independents merchandise is available. As are tickets.
  24. avatar T Entertainment