1. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    Here's a video of them doing the first song from the album on David Letterman's TV show:
    as an added bonus theres an argument about whether or not they sound like coldplay in the comments.
    took me a blimmin age to work out what it reminded me of - alloy mental! quite a lot of radiohead's [i:3916aea7cb]there there[/i:3916aea7cb] in, er, there too.

    knowing my luck, they probably played auntie annie's last week or something, and i only start to care now. boo!
    their new album is produced by the chap out of spoon, which is quite thrilling to me and probably noone else. i made a best of spoon cd for ben mcauley earlier. i think it might be the best compact disc in existence.