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    Digital music tutors - Belfast Computer Clubhouse

    Do you have digital music skills and experience? If you can feel the rhythm and tap a tune, you can enhance your CV by volunteering at the Belfast Computer Clubhouse.

    The Clubhouse has a dedicated state-of-the-art music room set up with a MIDI keyboard and a digital drum set with access to Fruity Loops, Reason, and Cakewalk.

    The Clubhouse needs YOU to guide its members so that they are familiar with digital music creation.

    Music production sessions take place approximately 2 hours a week. In those 2 hours, you can experience the fulfillment of sharing your talent, knowledge and expertise with the young people of Belfast.

    Please contact any of the Clubhouse Team for further information. For more information visit our website


    Although there is no deadline for expressions of interest, swift responses would be preferred.
    Contact Geraldine on 028 9024 2362 or via geraldine.cunningham@gmail.com