1. avatar MICROLIP
    Is anyone else sick of bands/artists using children in need as a platform to sell themselves??? Example Peter Kay mentioned the fact that he will donate a pound form every item of merch sold at his up and comming tour in march next year! GOOD MAN, that advert was pricless!!
    Also the fact that ASH mimed their live song in the kings hall pissed me off, if EGGON QUIGG can be bothered to sing live why cant they??
    Drink and fastfude are a dangerous combo, i could rant here all night infact im about to crack into a bottle of portadown's finest wine, expect some drivel later!
  2. avatar danbastard
    Westlife was just on there. It was eerily reminiscent of Father Dick Byrne's performance in Song for Ireland.
  3. avatar That Man Fanjo
    Yeah, I hate the way Children in Need has turned commercial.
    Much prefer the earlier stuff.
  4. avatar palrub
    that said i doubt peter kay would need much advertising to sell out his next tour, and i'm pretty sure he sold merch at all his shows previous - thus the added donation next year can only be a good thing.. and that's unbiased. don't get me wrong, i agree on all the other points raised.
  5. avatar Captain Kennedy
    I tend to agree with Mr Lip from Portydown.....

    Just from some of the performances last night......

    - Ronan Keating - New album out
    - Cheryl Cole - New Album out
    - Paolo Nutini - tour/album out
    - Westlife - New Album out

    etc etc