1. avatar Alabama
    I have just recently started listening to all the bands Northern Ireland has to offer, about 3 weeks ago actually when I started booking gigs for my partners band 21Draw - and looking at who are gigging together out there - and I thought through all of this what would be my perfect gig - the one I wouldn't want to miss - so here it is and I hope others list theirs cos I don't really think the promotions companys etc out there really think of this - 4 bands, 21Draw obviously - I love them, Electric Circus, Issue Zero and Nietzsche's Last Days - thts my perfect night out. I know you're thinking a slightly strange mix but hey I'm not a music critic - I'm just Joe Public who likes listening to music
    Does anyone else have a perfect line up for their night out - Comments pls - and maybe the people running these gigs may get a few more paying customers through their doors.
    And you can slag me off for my choices if you want but thats not really cool, I am not u, list your own.
  2. avatar skyonFIRE!
  3. avatar Alabama
    O good promotion tactic skyonfire but I have to admit that I missed you while searching and listening so I'm gonna hit you now. But seriously this is not tactical promotions - I'm just curious and well slighlty more - I was thinking of booking a venue and paying for it myself and seeing what happened if I had the right bands. But at the moment just curious.

  4. avatar Alabama
    I love Tuesday
  5. avatar Alabama
    Can't request u as a friend though - whats with that
  6. avatar skyonFIRE!
    Thanks Alabama, not really tactical just trying to be funny....lol. not sure what the deal is with the friendship-do you mean on here or on myspace.....?Are you going to come tonight then? Will be a great gig i'm sure,will be our last til Feb as we've a few other things to do before then.....Glad you love Tuesday,one of my favourites also but we don't get to play it out very often due to the violinist not being an integral part of the band....
  7. avatar skyonFIRE!
    Tried to look at ur myspace there but seems to be stuck or something,try us again at a later date and we'll see if it works......
  8. avatar diabolikal616
    You'll soon find out that often (basically always) some of the best bands do not get the recognition they deserve - whether it's because they'll not that popular, they aren't friends with the right people or are never given that chance to shine. It's a major shame.

    In terms of the perfect night out, I'd go with:

    Nietzsche's Last Days (a new band - definitely one of the best new bands I've heard in a long time) - [url=http://www.myspace.com/nldband]linkage[/url]
    Delirium Tremens (a fantastic band with one hell of a live performance) - [url=http://www.myspace.com/deliriumtremensrock]linkage[/url]
    The Good Fight (incredibly nice guys with some stunning tunes) - [url=http://www.myspace.com/thegoodfightni[/url]
    The Zhuks (quite a young band but classic rock is definitely best played with these guys) - [url=http://www.myspace.com/thezhuks]linkage[/url]

    Again - just my opinion...