1. avatar savagebilliards
    I have a set of cheesey flashing disco lights. You can set thwm to flash at differnet speeds or to go with the 'beat' with the sensitivty setting. I dont want 'em. Ill give them to anyone that will pick them up.

    Chris (S/E Belfast)
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  2. avatar kekybobo
    ill take em off yer hands if theyre still available.
  3. avatar Mikal
    i can help there by takin them off ur hands
  4. avatar Deadlights
    Fight to the death...
  5. avatar Kingnez
  6. avatar Deestroyer
    [quote:9977760012="Deadlights"]Fight to the death...[/quote:9977760012]using the disco lights in question to heighten the drama. Door times?
  7. avatar Deadlights
  8. avatar savagebilliards
    Sorry were taken within no time!
  9. avatar Deestroyer
    I take it ticketmaster are doing refunds, right? RIGHT?
  10. avatar savagebilliards
    All tickets are refundable tho you can hold on to them for the sentimental value!
  11. avatar danbastard
    Have you grown out of your "one man disco in your bedroom" phase, Savage? :tongue:
  12. avatar savagebilliards
    It was because you kept taking the red lights for your seedy sex den dan, i had had enough!
  13. avatar danbastard
    I had actually stopped taking the red lights because they were stuck on the rythm sensitivty setting, it was killing the mood!! :lol:
  14. avatar savagebilliards
    30secs of passionate flashing eh dan? haha