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    Hello all. I will be stocking some Tuscany guitars in Marcus music Belfast. Hopefully I will have guitars in stock from this saturday or over the coming week. The following guitars that will be stocked are the Tuscany les paul rush (white), Tuscany les paul rush custom (black with floyd rose!), Tuscany Luxor strat with Veneer Quilt maple top in cherry burst, and a Tuscany Jag bass guitar (Red). Please check sites provided for full specs. All guitars are made from the same high quality materials as the "big brands" minus the price tag.

    Please check out the specs on the sites below.



    The Exlusive guitars are fitted with Seymour Duncan, Alnico, Dimarzio or Frauda custom pickups unless otherwise stated!

    If interested in any Tuscany or Exlusive instruments that are not stocked get in contact with either myself or Marcus Music direct.
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    Marcus Music belfast have kindly stocked some of the Tuscany guitar range. Current models in stock are the les paul Rush in white, les paul Rush Custom with floyd rose and Jag bass guitar.

    If interested in any other guitar not in stock please get in contact with myself or Marcus Music belfast. As guitars can only be ordered in bulk your order will be placed during the next order.


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  4. avatar delfuego
    What sort of moulah are you talking for the jag bass?
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  6. avatar danbastard
    Where are your guitars stocked?
  7. avatar Mr_torture
    Thats Marcus Music in belfast. Down around the corner from Castlecourt.


  8. avatar JamesJamerson
    You should stock one of these; I've been dying to try one of them out and even if I didn't like it it would still sell in no time cause it looks so awesome:

  9. avatar Mr_torture
    Hey James. Yea they are a nice looking bass. I will be getting more guitars and basses in shortly. Marcus can only really stock so many guitars for me, which was very good of them. I will expand the range further afield in due time.

    If anyone is interested in any of the guitars that are not in marcus gimme a bell. If I dont have it I'm sure I could get around to ordering it.


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  11. avatar danbastard
    Seen one of the Diablo Special things on Ebay, they're pretty cool looking.
  12. avatar Mr_torture
    Hey Dan yea I was thinking of stocking one of those next order. If anyone has any idea of which guitars they think would be a hit please let me know.

  13. avatar thesacredhearts
    that "surf" model looks great. like the attention to detail that the photos show.

    what are they going for out of interest?
  14. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Indeed the attention to detail looks great. A rare thing among direct copies. If you're putting models together of that quality it would be great to see what your own designs could be like.
  15. avatar Mr_torture
  16. avatar thesacredhearts
    very interesting. and those are stocked in marcus too?
  17. avatar Mr_torture
    hey man no i havent got them stocked in marcus. I'll have to contact them to see how many guitars they will stock for me at once. But any guitars will be avaliable for anyone who is lookin for one.


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    hey man no i havent got them stocked in marcus. I'll have to contact them to see how many guitars they will stock for me at once. But any guitars will be avaliable for anyone is lookin for one.


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    Up it goes.
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  21. avatar jab
    Stop bumping the damn topic already.
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    Sorry jab, dont think I'm doing any harm.

  23. avatar EB
    Just checked out your website.
    Why are you showing amps on your home page that you don't distribute?
  24. avatar Mr_torture
    Hey there EB,

    I am only saying that I dont distribute them as I have non in stock. They are owned by the same guy, Italian Luthier Galeazzo Frauda who slso owns Tuscany Guitars & Exlusive guitars. He has asked me to distribute them for him but as they are such an expensive amp it just wouldnt denefit me just yet ordering them in. If for example you check out the "The Valve" 3/100 head you can see that it is made specifically for you with your own colour choice of leather, etc... unless you want standard black.

    So I am advertising them on my site to try and help get the word around.


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    Xmas Bump!