1. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    Anybody know a good amp technician that would know their way around an old valve amp?
  2. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
  3. avatar STM
    My first post!
    Tony Hamilton (The Tone!) IS THE MAN!!!
    Posts here as RAHamilton
  4. avatar tinpot anto
    Tony hasn't been doing much beyond hobby work as he hasn't been too well but he might be willing to take it on if you don't need it back in a hurry. If it's interesting he might do it. What is it and I'll say to him when I pick up the old Impact 60w head I left with him a while back
  5. avatar unleashedjohn
    Saw the Tone this morning and told him about the thread - hopefully he'll remember and drop in to reply soon. If not I can PM you his mobile number.
  6. avatar rahamilton
    Hi Guys!

    Yes, Unleashed John cornered me this morning and offended me.... Any comments about me "Knowing my way around an OLD valve amp because of MY age" were cruel and heartless. I'm sure it's more to do with 35 years of experience as a T.V. and Audio Technician, and a young outlook on life...

    Just for everybodys information - my current situation health wise, is that I had major surgery for a prolapsed disc back in August. At the time I was pretty numb from the waist down - rather scary. I have since recovered by about eighty percent, and whilst I'm not quite back to my full time job, I've been working on amps and guitars at home again this last month or so, and have nearly cleared the backlog.

    Andrew - Tell me more about your amp, and I'll try to help you. Send me an email to tony@tonyandlisahamilton.co.uk


  7. avatar ablopablo
    My first post!
    Don't know if this quite fits in on this thread, but i recently had a problem with my amp (laney vc30) and i read of Tony on this forum. He sorted out the problem quickly, great guy to deal with and certainly has a great knowledge of valve amps.
  8. avatar artyfufkin
    Where is Tony based?
  9. avatar Pablo33

    I wouldn't use anyone else, Tony's the man!
  10. avatar NeverSayDio
    or there's Leif Bodnarchuk 2nd post down who's handy with valve amps etc.
  11. avatar Mr_torture
    Leif is your man. A real pro at his job!

  12. avatar gared
    Good to know that there is someone decent about who fixes amps as I might need them in the future if my current amp ever gives problems.